Friday, October 24, 2014

Visiting Sweet Friends

 We went for a weekend to visit our dear friends who lived in Logansport just 2 1/2 short years and now have move to southern IN. We miss them dearly.  So time with them was sweet.  It was relaxing. It was just good to be in good company.  The kids had a blast together.  I was horrible about pictures though.  So here are the few I captured.

 The kiddos


We didn't venture far. Just spent time hanging out.  They had a zip line set up in the backyard, which was a hit, for the boys anyways.  Lilly had a minor mishap on her first run that turned her off to any more tries.  Owen and Gibson couldn't get enough of the thrill ride. 

Jimmy would get Gibby started, then run to the other end to help him dismount.

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