Friday, October 24, 2014

Everett--7 months old

Everett Kent is 7 months old.  He went for his 6 month check up last week.  Here are the stats:
Weight = 19 in
Height = 27 3/4 lbs

Poor guy had to get 5 shots--they don't get easier for mama, that's for sure.  He did great though.  He cried until it was over and I picked him up.  Then he turned around and looked at the nurse as if to say, "I thought you were nice, why you gotta be so rude?"

This little guy is army crawl scooting himself where he wants to go.  Cooing a ton, and super friendly and aware of his surroundings.  He likes to carry on conversations with his cooing which is so super cute.  He has 3 teeth, almost 4.  Cutting all 4 at the same time is hard work and has required, understandably, some extra tlc.

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