Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gibby the Goofball

That he is.  Oh my goodness, this boy can make us laugh.  He is quite the "brute."  Daddy once called him that because of the way he was walking around acting so tough and getting into trouble....and it stuck.  Now anytime he does something goofy we all say, "Gibby, you're being a brute."  He laughs and sometimes says, "Me, brute." 

But, even though he can be a brute. He does have a soft side.  He is always looking out for what "Evey" might want/need. (.....and sometimes wrestles him too.) He occasionally carries a baby around and takes care to feed it and put it to sleep.

 Here is one morning he was carrying around Lilly's umbrella just in case we were hit with a rain storm.

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