Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New Dishwasher

Mommy's little helper....whatever I am doing, Owen must do, too.

He watches, watches, and watches...and wants to do as we do.

The other day, Owen somehow ended up with Jimmy's electric shaver and was running it across his cheek and under he chin...just like Daddy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Thank you Murray family for the wonderful sandbox!! Owen is loving his time spent playing in the sand!

Fun in the Car

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lights, Straws, and Pink P.J.'s

Affectionately referred to as "Ack" (with a throaty sound at the end)...Lights....Owen is obsessed. He spots them from across the room and does everything he can to get to them. He loves to turn the switch on and off.

A cup with a straw??? Another one of Owen's favs.

The heat index was like 100 degrees today so we headed over to Aunt Danielle's pool to keep cool. However, a storm decided to pop up and Owen got tired, so I decided to lay him down for a nap. Owen took his nap in the basement, where it's nice and cool--and wasn't dressed in warm enough clothes. Luckily, his cousin, Addi, was kind enough to share a pair of her p.j's to keep him cozy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Bump--Week #19..and...

Do you think this little one is gonna be a brother or a sister for Owen?

C'mon, it's 50/50, make a guess....

She's a little GIRL!!
(Due to arrive somewhere around November 26th)

We are excited!!

Cookie Jar Fun

I used to play with the cookie jar with Owen by letting him take out a shape and then pointing to where the shape he picked would fit. He would then put the shape through the hole and get another shape. Once he got the hang of it, he would bring me his cookie jar and want to play the game. The other day, he went to the cookie jar and decided to try out his independence. He tried to put the shapes through the holes by himself. Much to his excitement and satisfaction, he figured out how to put the yellow circle into the right hole. You should have seen his little face glow when he made the connection. So, now, sometimes he'll play his new game independently, but other times he just enjoys the praise of Momma as he plays...after all who doesn't enjoy hearing a bit of praise from their Mommy?

2 Things Owen loves...

Tractors/Lawn Mowers....

...especially with Daddy...

...and the OUTSIDE...

He'll do anything he can to BE outside or at least LOOK outside, even climb and precariously stand on the edge of the basket of books....

Isn't he just the cutest??

France Park

...Like music to my ears...

Owen has been practicing saying "momma" just about constantly. He always says it when he wants me/my attention, or when he wants something.