Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mr. Fix it (x2)

First Time in the Jumper

She didn't get the jumping part of it yet, but I have no doubt she will before long :)

Feet are Neat

After nap snack

After nap, it almost always a necessity to get some nutrition in this boy's body. It's amazing how it helps get things off on the right foot for the rest of the afternoon and evening. This particular day, he was eating fruit snacks and raisins (not very balanced, I know) and pushing them around in one of his tractors.

Onto bigger things

Lilly stared solid food in the past week, and loves it! She has two parents who love food, so I'm glad she got the gene. She had been getting excited at the dinner table whenever the rest of us were eating, so I tried giving her some rice cereal,

...and she cried when the bowl was empty.

so far she has tried carrots, avocado, and banana. She practically dives for the spoon every bite.

(Oh and by the way...Lilly got her first tooth one day before turning 5 months old!)

Owen is TWO!


We played a game of "find the animals in the hay"

Owen thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate tractor cake--as any two year old would.

Papa brought over his tractor and gave the kids tractor rides down the road and around the yard. They loved it! For some reason, Owen didn't want to ride in the trailer with the rest of the kids. He preferred to ride ON the tractor with Papa.

Owen was obsessed the whole evening with carrying around tractors and driving them across all kinds of terrain.

"Hay fights" were one of the big hits.

Owen's friends that helped him celebrate.

To Texas (by plane) and back (by truck)

A sweet visit to see our dear friends, the Latta's.

Owen was sooo excited to see the airplanes. "Whoa, Mommy!" is what we heard over and over from the minute we parked our car at the airport to the minute we took off in the air.

Lilly's first airplane ride was at 4 months to Tx, just like Owen's.

We did lots of relaxing and just enjoying one another's company in the warmth of Texas sun.

Owen riding side by side with his buddy, Emma. These two really bonded during our visit.

My dear friend, oh how I miss her

A Cool Weather Walk

It is TIME for warmer weather, please!

Monday, April 4, 2011


This girl likes to TALK! She squeals and grunts constantly when she is playing with toys; just trying her best to get them to do what she wants them to do.

Hi Mia, Hi Papa

A new "skill" Owen enjoys...talking on the phone....answering "yeah" to every question asked, and saying the person's name on the receiving end of the line over and over again in excitement.

He can kill me later...

...but for now, this momma thinks he's pretty darn cute sitting up on the big potty! We are on our way to being potty trained, and having only one child in diapers! Owen has doing fantastic keeping his undies dry (pretty consistently) for a few weeks now! The task that seemed unbelievably daunting turned out not to be so bad! Good job, Owen!

Lesson #1: Love one another

Okay, so let me explain how this went. Owen wanted to read books with Lilly. So, I set them on the couch together. Owen picked out a book to look at with his sister. Things were going really well at first, until...
Lilly started grabbing at the book and bumped into Owen.

Owen's response:

"La-LEEE!" (which is translated-- Lilly!)

accompanied by a look of "how dare she touch me and invade MY space"

It was spoken in the classic "complaint of a sibling against another sibling" kind of voice. And so, the lessons and training of how to be loving to your sibling are under way....

Ryder's Bday weekend

Owen's little buddy, Ryder, had his 2 year old birthday party at the carousel in Logansport this weekend. I think everyone had a blast riding the carousel and eating yummy cupcakes with friends.

After the party, the birthday boy and his family came to our house and our kids continued to play hard together until bed time.

Here's Jack and Lilly:

(not as bad as it looks, she didn't even cry...she's a tough one)

The two older ones enjoyed a bath together

...and then a "calming" time of reading a few books before bed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sibling Love

I promise this wasn't posed at all! Owen was eating breakfast and just leaned over and started hugging his sister! Soooo sweet!

Book Corner

I love it when I find Owen in his room sitting on his stool, reading book after book from his bookshelf. He flips through the pages, pointing and talking to/about the pictures, then tosses the book to the side and moves on to the next book that catches his eye. All of this is usually accompanied by some "mood" music. He turns his stereo on and up and reads away!