Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The latest activities...

Owen is starting to show us his preferences...The other night Jimmy was trying different things to calm his upset gassy tummy. When the bicycle leg trick didn't work anymore, he tried putting the massager under the bouncy seat and that brought on the smiles. As soon as Jimmy removed the massager, the cries started coming immediately! He put it back and the smile came back---I guess the little guy knows exactly what he wants! :)
Owen's new favorite activity. He loves to stand up and practice using his legs! He gets quite the focused look on his face and his neck goes like a chicken as he focuses on holding his head up at the same time! Soooo cute!

Can't believe it's going on 2 months...

Beautiful country sights of Wisconsin

Owen Meets His Great-grandparents!!

Great-grandpa Johnson--singing "Rub a' dub, dub. Three men in a tub. Out on the ocean blue..." He sang that to me when I was Owen's size :)
Great Grandma Johnson admiring Owen.

Great Grandpa Hermanson was touched to see his great grandson.

Owen smiled right away when he looked at Great Grandma Hermanson.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Special Visit

My wonderful friend, Nicole, was able to come up with her family from TX for a visit. We were blessed with a day to hang out while they visited Hoosier land. Nicole got to smother little Owen with kisses and love...and share some expertise from her experience as a mother of 4 with this new mama. God is good to give such a good friend!

Aww...Owen will have a great playmate when he gets older!! Good dog, Barkley :)

Chillin' after a bath

That bath really tuckered Owen out...time for a nap!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweet Chubby Cheeks

The other day we ran to the store real quick and-- like clockwork--Owen fell asleep on the car ride. Doesn't he look precious!?! You gotta love that big cheek hanging over the strap and the beginning of a cute double chin!
Oh, I forgot to mention that we took him to the Dr. on Monday for his one month check up. He is a healthy little weighing 10 lbs 2 oz! I guess that tells me he's being a good eater!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"So, has he got you yet?"

Well...we've been asked many times... "So, has he got you yet?"

Jimmy can finally answer "YES"! Owen was getting a sponge bath last night and let's just say the diaper was left off a little too long.'ve gotta admit, he has pretty good aim!

Cutie Pie!

My absolute favorite!! I caught him in action...I wish you could hear the little noise he makes with this face. It's like he's discovering his voice!