Monday, September 20, 2010

Backyard fun

Tonight we were outside playing in the yard. Owen's choice spot to play tonight was in the lovely hole Barkley decided to dig. He pulled his wagon over to it, sat down, and started transferring dirt from one place to another.

Then Jimmy spotted a praying mantis in the flower bed...which, of course, was the center of some fun!

Owen and Ryder

This weekend the Rodriguez family came to visit us! Owen and Ryder had a good time playing together. They are both fun little balls of energy!
Here's Jimmy holding both the boys after breakfast. :)
...AND shame on me...I didn't get a picture of little Jack, their newest addition to the family. But I did get to hold and cuddle him!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To WI to see Great-Grandparents

We packed up the van for the 8 hour trip to WI to see Owen's Great Grandparents. We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson in Augusta. Then we went over to Eau Claire to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hermanson. It was so fun to see them interact with Owen.

Owen with Great Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Owen with Great Grandma and Grandpa Hermanson

Reporting for Duty

On the open road...

Grammie and Papa gave Owen a mini wagon to pull around last week. And pull it around, he does. The minute we go outside, he grabs it and takes it wherever he goes. Usually, it's to visit the neighbors cows. But the other day, it was to take a LONG walk. We literally walked as far as you can see in this picture below. He excitedly walked the whole way... with stops to observe the cows, take a drink, and pick wild flowers or rocks to put in his wagon.

A Weekend in MI: Part II

The next day, Grandma took us to a park!! Owen had quite the system.
He would climb the stairs,
cross the ramp,and go right for the slide.
Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Until his little cheeks were so flush and hot, that it was time to cool off with a drink and some air conditioning!

A Weekend in MI: Part 1

Jimmy went to Baton Rouge, LA for a good friend's wedding last weekend. So, Owen and I packed up and headed to MI for some fun. The first day we were there, we went to Kruzichs to play for the day. (How did I forget to take a picture of Owen with Tom and Linda???? :( ) We wore Owen out!! He went for golf cart rides, to a garage sale, swimming, ate a delious cookout, and topped the day off with his very own ice cream cone!! Here's a few shots from the day:

All done with the ice cream and all sticky!!
Desperately in need of a bath ....what's better than an outside shower in the hose?!