Sunday, August 30, 2009


A family from the Latta's church opens up their pool for people to use once a week in the we took advantage of it!

Here's Emma cheesin'...

...and Elise

...and Owen

Umm...I think Mommy let me stay in the water a little too long. My piggies are raisins!

After the pool, we stopped at Sonic to get some drinks. Oliver was loving his tastes from my drink.

More TX lovin'

Gotta love those lips!!
(Owen in focusing hard to grab onto his blanket and get it into his mouth.)

A couple more pictures of Owen being loved on by the Latta's.

Oliver getting ready to give kisses to Owen..."ahha, love the baby"

Monday, August 24, 2009

So THAT'S why you don't go out in TX

We took a walk to go see some ducks in the HEAT of the day. It was sooo hot! I'm not usually one that minds the heat....but now I know why you stay inside in the cool of the air conditioning during the summer months in TX.

Oliver was trying his best to make friends with Owen...Owen wanted his own space in his stroller :)
Look at me in my big stroller!

Hangin' with the Latta's

We soaked up lots of time together just hangin' out. It was nice to be low key and just enjoy the time together. The kids couldn't get enough of Owen. They wanted to hold him, squeeze him, play with him, and love on him every chance they could get. It was fun to watch them be so nurturing to him.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Owen's First Plane Ride

Owen and Mommy went on a trip to TX to visit the Latta family. (Daddy, unfortunately, had to stay home and work. :( ) Owen was a great traveler. He didn't cry at all during the take off or landing! He was very pleasant the whole time, smiling and cooing at our neighbors. God was also good to provide helpful people while getting on and off the plane.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mama's Favorite

Mama's favorite pictures from the photo shoot!

Ohhh, what a cutie! I could just eat him up!

3 Month Photo Shoot Cont.

A smily guy

Owen's squealy face

3 Month Photo Shoot Cont. Again

"I WILL get that thing with the light that flashes in my eyes!"

"My hands are the best thing to suck on...I just love it"

"Oh yeah, my hands...those are tasty!"

A Weekend of Camping and Swimming...

Our good friends, the Horine's, went camping with us in our backwoods. It was a great camping spot! We enjoyed the great outdoors! Then we went swimming for the afternoon. Owen was quite comfortable in his floaty. He was loving every minute of it!

The same expression he had on his face the whole time.

The Exersaucer...

Yay! Owen is big enough to play in his exersaucer--given to him by my lovely kindergarteners at a surprise shower this spring. He loves it!