Friday, October 10, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

You know how you can get an idealistic pretty picture of what a family activity will look like...and then it doesn't go quite like that pretty picture in your head. Well, that is a bit of what happened for this little.   But really, once I adjusted my expectations, it really went just fine. And the kids thought it was great fun, so mission accomplished. 

The lids were cut off and Lilly was appalled at having to get that ooey gucky stuff out of the pumpkin.  We grabbed some spoons and I loosened it all up and she worked at scooping out those seeds.

Owen thought it was gross at first glance, but then the boyishness kicked in and he thought it was super cool.

Gibby was completely uninterested and roamed the yard for most of the time. But I indulged and carved a tractor on the front of his.  He was pleased.

Everett was chill like always and cheered us on in our endeavors.

The result:

 I love this one of Lilly. Perfect picture--talking with her hands, purse on her shoulder, and acting like she's 13, not 3.

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