Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall=Apples=Applesauce Making!

One of my favorite things about fall is apples!  I love apples in all ways--fresh, cooked, crisp, carmel dipped, and sauce.  I always make lots of applesauce to eat through the year.  We have it almost every week with pizza.  Yum. 

This year the kids helped me make applesauce.  A friend introduced me to a new way of making it, which I am super stoked about.  The Sauce Master.  It's quick, easy, and more nutritious.  I could do a commercial for it if they need me to.

So, here's my worker bees.

Owen and Lilly chopped the apples into quarters.

And Gibby checked for stems and threw them in the pot.  He quickly informed me anytime he was out of apples to throw in the pot. "Nee more, Nee more"

Then we let the apples cook on the stove for about half and hour or so.  
Next was the fun part.  Mommy scooped the hot mushy apples into the funnel and the kids took turns turning the crank. 

Out came our delicious, pretty colored applesauce.  And one of the best part was we did a whole bushel, start to finish, with little hands helping in less than 2 hours!!

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