Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick Or Treating

Here they are in character, all of which are very fitting to their little personalities:

Lilly-Princess riding a unicorn
Gibby- Monkey
Owen- Mario
Everett- Tiger

 We packed up in the car 2 nights in a row to make all the necessary stops.  The kids had alot of fun and enjoyed indulging in a bunch of extra sugar--what's not fun about that?!

 Owen decided a few days before Halloween that he wanted to be Mario from his favorite video game.  This kid LOVES playing Mario. Oh my goodness.  His favorite time of the day is playing his "screen time." It is his motivation to get all his schoolwork done.  

So, we went to Goodwill and found all the items needed for putting together the perfect Mario costume. Oh, what a mustache....loved his costume.

The perfect girl to be a princess riding a unicorn.  This girl loves frills and all things pink.   Her wig and crown was the kicker.  She is a beauty. 

Oh Gibby, you are a monkey, indeed. You always keep us guessing and laughing.

And Everett. My baby is officially crawling.  A tiger on the move. 
Watch out for this sweetie.

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Rachel Wess said...

Oh my gosh I LOOOOVE Lilly's costume!!! Princess riding a unicorn!! Seriously my fave costume I've seen this year!! She is such a cutie!! :) All your kiddos are adorable in their costumes! :)