Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy 2014 Thanksgiving!

Here are our pilgrim and indians.  We learned about the history of thanksgiving that last week or so of school. We did some fun projects, a nice break from the normal school routine.  We made hats, indian and pilgrim paper dolls, mayflower boats, read lots of thanksgiving books, and other thanksgiving themed activities.  

It is a job to get a picture of all four of these kids together--Whew!  Here's the best I got.

Got alot of this. 

I did remember to take pictures of our Mayflower boats.  We even tried floating them in the bathtub. And.....

 it worked!! Yay!!

Everett prefers to feed himself.  He had the privilege of indulging in oatmeal all by himself.  I kinda had second thoughts when it was clean up time. Yikes. 

Gibby wanted a picture of hi eating oatmeal too.  Silly, silly boy.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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