Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Lillian Grace!

Literally, from the moment her 3rd birthday party ended last year, Lilly has been planning to have a "pink" party for her next birthday.  After 365 days, she had not changed her mind--not even for a split second.  She told just about everyone: "I already had my purple party, now I am going to have my pink party!"

So, pink it is. For our dear sweet Lilly Lou....the girl I willed to be a tomboy while she grew in my belly and swore was not gonna be a "frilly-pink-princess-kind-of-girl" is exactly that. Now, don't get me wrong she can hold her own with the boys.  But, goodnes gracious, this girl LOVES anything girly, pink, princessy, and frilly.  And I love her for it.  I love the dynamic her little girly self adds to our family.  

Our cousins got to join us for the pink party.

The birthday girl in the headband she saw at the dollar store when we went to get her "pink party stuff" and just had to have. 

Present time.

 Now, get ready---and believe me when I tell you the next two pictures were taken literally 2 seconds apart. I am not kidding. 2 seconds.

 She can work it. Let me tell you. 

Games with the cousins after all the birthday happenings were complete.

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