Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Birthday Celebration Day

Lilly has been looking forward to her birthday since the minute her last birthday party ended...last year.  She tells almost everyone: "I already had my purple party.  Next I am having a pink party.  It is coming soon!"  For her celebration day, she wanted to go to a "yail yayon" (nail salon).  She couldn't wait for the day to come.  Oh my goodness.  She took her cousins for a girls day out.  They had a little spa day and loved every minute of it. (Just look at Lilly's face on EVERY single one of these pictures--I swear she was in absolute bliss.)  

So here's the story of the day in pictures: 

On the road

First step- nails--picking colors--oh the choices.

Tryin out the runway being careful not to bump her pretty pink nails.

Time for hair!

 ...and some makeup

All done!!  Pampered Pretty Lilly.

Addi, Lilly, and Josie all dolled up.

Posing on the runway

 Next stop--lunch, of course. Lilly picked Wendy's. A perfect lunch for a 4 year old birthday celebration.

One last surprise....
 Pink cupcakes with flowers--just as Lilly requested.  Pink inside outside upside down and all around. Pink pink pink.

Happy 4th birthday, Lilly bird!  You are loved so very much.  

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