Monday, August 16, 2010

progress to celebrate

Sorry, no pictures tonight....too tired to wait up for them to upload...but feeling guilty about my lack of posts as of late. So for now Owen is...

--FINALLY sparking an interest in books!!! He is beginning to go to his book basket and look at books and babble as he turns the pages, be entertained by books during car rides, see library books on the kitchen table and want to read them, bring me books and plop into my lap to read them with me, and imitate my inflections as I read his favorite books. YAY!!!

--enthralled with sitting on chairs. He just feels like such a big boy to sit on a chair like mommy and daddy.

--not fighting diaper changes!! Whew! Those were like wrestling matches for a while! Yesterday, I told Owen it was time to change his diaper. He walked into his bedroom, laid down in the middle of the floor (where we have been doing the changes as of late) and laid nice and still while I followed him into his room and did his diaper change. At first I thought it just might be a coincidence...but guess what?? ..He did it again later in the day and again for all his changes today! What a victory!!

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