Sunday, August 1, 2010

15 Month Dr. Appt.

Owen went for his 15 month check up on Thursday this week. He is a healthy growing boy! Here he is waiting for Dr. Hoover to come see him.

And his stats:

Weight- 23.2 pounds
(This time he was weighed on the "big boy" scale--the kind you stand on---the trick was getting him to stay still long enough to get a reading.)
Height-31.25 inches
**Dr. Hoover also recommended we get rid of his paci now, rather than battle it after our new bundle arrives...advice we knew we'd hear, but weren't looking forward to it. Well, I started on Friday afternoon by cutting off part of the paci tip. He wasn't sure what to think of the change but still clung to it for about 24 hours. Then last night when I was putting him to bed, I offered it to him and he declined. He went to bed with barely a fuss.! Naps are a little rough, but Owen is doing quite well with the transition. YAY!!


Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

Good Job Owen!!!! Naps are rough for us, too, but bedtime is fairly easy! :)

MelissaD said...

Before I saw the Dr. Hoover name, I was like "man, that looks like an AHN office". I was right!!!