Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I noticed a sore on the bottom of Owen's foot last night during his bath. Afterwards, I looked at it a little closer and could tell there was a sliver in it. (He had stepped on something a while ago, but I couldn't see anything on/in his it was surfacing.) So, Jimmy helped hold him while I pulled out the culprit with some tweezers. We put hydrogen peroxide on it and topped it off with some antibiotic ointment and a bandaid.

Owen did not like that sticky thing on the bottom of his foot one bit. He kept sitting down, whining, and picking at it. We tried to distract him. It would work for a couple seconds, then he'd sit down and look at the bandaid, and look with pleading eyes at me to take it off. A pair of socks put it out of sight, out of mind...then he was back to playing.


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and then there were three... said...

Laura, he looks so much older here. Where are our babies going? Ryder hates band aids too. I cannot for the life of my keep them on him.