Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snapshot: Lilly

Lilly's personality continues to develop and she is such a joy in our lives.  She is a quite the cuddler and loves to love and be loved on. 

 She plays so well with Gibby and is a little mommy to him.  She always has her eyes on him. (and his eyes are on her too) 

 She's a mommy's girl, especially in new situations and places.  She will stay at my side or on my hip.

And a Daddy's girl.  She loves to listen to his funny songs and sing along with him.

 She loves to be with Owen.  They are pals.  They have lots of fun together giggling and playing together...and an occasional sibling fight mixed in there too, of course.  But really for the most part, they are good friends.  Lilly tends to play "boyish" things with her big brother like train, car races, tractors, etc. But she holds her own!

 I love her spunky spirit

She is also Miss Independent.  We hear "No, I do it!" ALOT!!

Lilly Grace, You are loved!

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