Friday, January 11, 2013

Going the extra mile

This week Owen has really been embracing his role as the eldest and thinks it's pretty cool.  I told him one afternoon at nap time this week that he didn't have to take a nap that day.  He tried taking his training wheels off his bike (no pictures of that yet because my hands were tied trying to help him balance.  But, I must say, he did way better than I anticipated he might!)  

Then one of his "morning routine" tasks is to feed Barkley, our dog.  On this particular morning, the bin of dog food was empty so he transferred the dog food one cup full at a time from the bag to the bin until the bin was full.  :) Thank you, Owen!

Today he was building a "ship" with the couch cushions and dining table chairs...but noticed there were crumbs in the couch.  So, he got the vacuum and swepts them up.  :) You're the best, Owen. Thanks for helping Mommy!

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