Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our friend, Mr. Locust

Owen: "Mom, come see this bug in my sandbox!"
Me: "Is it a big bug or a little bug?"
Owen: "Um, little"
Me: "Why do you try to catch it and bring it over to me because I can't get up right now. I'm feeding Gibson."
Owen: "Ok, I don't know if I can"
Owen: "Whoa!!! Lilly catch-ed the bug!"

Lilly is grinning from ear to ear and giggling over her catch.  She is holding a LOCUST (about the length of my pinkie finger) with a little stick.  She even did a little jig. 

Owen rushes over to take a better look at the bug, and Lilly shoves it in his face...making Owen jump back.  Lilly thinks his reaction is hilarious, so she tries a repeat.  Both kids are laughing so hard as they bring the so called "little bug" over for me to see. 

The two were entertained by Mr. Locust for quite some time this evening. I love watching them begin to play together more and more.

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