Sunday, August 5, 2012

MI Vacation Recap #3

The "little lake"--at Lakeside Cabins.  This was the Owen and Lilly's favorite place to play in the water this year.  They both became more confident and comfortable in the water.  Lots of running, splashing, jumping, and playing in the sand.  

Owen LOVED playing with the boats and pushing them around in the water.

 We went on several kayak rides during our stay--one of Lilly's favorite activities. 

 This girl loved her puddle jumper!

 Mommy and Lilly swimming after jumping off the dock.

Owen pushing Daddy off the dock.

Gibson--you've been so content taking in all the new surroundings and watching all the activity around you.  I bet you can't wait to enjoy it in a more "hands on" sort of way next year. :)

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