Friday, August 3, 2012

MI Vacation Recap #1

We stayed at Lakeside Cabins Resort.  It's like a glorified campground feel.  We really liked it and hope to come back.  It's like staying in a really nice camper...we had air conditioning, our own bathroom, and kitchen.  For sleeping the kids had a loft that was split into two areas and we had a little bedroom with a screened in porch.  Off the back of the cabin was a screened in eating/hang out area that looked into the was perfect.  Then there was a playground in an open area outside out cabin, and couple pools and a "little beach" area to play on just a short walk from our cabin.  Perfect for our little kiddos.

Here we are making the trek down to Lake Michigan (just 2 miles away) to see the sunset.

Daddy showing the kids his rock skipping skills. 

And then we headed back to the cabin for some late night smores before hitting the sack.

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