Saturday, November 20, 2010

When Momma is sick...

Owen gets a play day with Daddy!!

...doing "boy" things...

you know, like watching tractors and animals on youtube.

Jimmy took yesterday off work because I was up all night with the flu and in no shape to be taking care of Owen. I slept pretty much all day, and the boys played. Owen had a blast having Daddy around all day to dote on him. I kept hearing "Dada, dada" whenever I'd wake up enough to hear them playing. I'm thankful they had the extra time together. I think Jimmy enjoyed being "Mr. Mom."

Thankfully, Lilly is waiting to make her grand debut until I get better. I can't imagine trying to go through labor at the same time as fighting the flu. Hopefully, now I'm on the up-swing and she can come sometime Thanksgiving week! Pray the rest of our family stays healthy for her arrival.

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