Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I think Owen likes our new refrigerator as much as I do. His favorite feature is the ice coming out of the dispenser on the door. Whenever he hears someone dispensing ice/water out of it, he comes running to watch. Recently, he started asking for "ice"....ALL the time! Don't worry, we give him TINY pieces of crushed ice that practically melt as soon as he gets them to he mouth.

The footage on this video isn't the greatest, but it was the best I could get last night. He was sooo wiggly and kept getting waaay to close to the camera.

Here's a few things to "decode" in this video:

1. His reference to "hand"--clenching his hands. We were reading a book earlier in the evening with a hand in it and this was his way to sign "hand."

2. His newest word- "ice"

3. "mees"--is his current "please". It's a combination for "more" and "please" right now....we'll get there :)

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