Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My baby is ONE!

(Alot has happened since I have taken the time to post! So I will start with the most recent and try to catch you up in the days to come.)
Gibson John, affectionately called "Gibby",  is officially ONE! 
He is a true joy to have in our lives.  He is such a sweet baby--easy going, and fun to be around.  He smiles easily and can't wait to be able to keep up with his brother and sister.  He is starting to sign --starting to get the hang of "more" as we seek to curb the "eh, eh" and grunts when asking for things.  Still working on please and thank you. :)  Since he has been walking for a couple months now he is starting to look into where climbing can get him.
We had a "ball" themed party for our little guy.  And started the morning of his big day off with a trip to our favorite little donut/coffee shop.  There happened to be live music that morning at the shop for an added bonus and this was the first time Gibby enjoyed a piece of donut.  He sat happily on Daddy's lap, eating his donut and watching the music.

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