Monday, August 1, 2011


This past week Owen has developed quite the fascination with building train track around the house. Practically the second we get in the door from being gone, he wants to play "choo choo track" or "play Thomas." It's been pretty fun to watch his little 2 year old brain work and put different tracks together. I have seriously never seen this child focus on one thing for such great lengths of time as this!

It started in the corner, like this.

Pretty soon, he was making Thomas travel over little hills using anything and everything as support for the hill.

Then he started to get even more adventurous with the steepness of the hills.

Pretty soon, Thomas was trekking over some pretty daring terrain.

Then Mommy and Daddy decided to splurge and buy Owen more track pieces to build NOW, the track building adventure has taken over our living room and is continuing to get more and more elaborate.

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