Sunday, July 31, 2011

Columbian Park

On Friday, we spent the day with good friends and had a FULL day of FUN for FREE! We went to Columbian Park in Lafayette. It was soo great! We went to a mini zoo (which is what all the pictures are from) and played on some super fun playgrounds. Next time we go back, we will have to spend the day at the water park. Check out this cute little zoo! So many interactive exhibits = so much fun!

The wallabies--they hopped on the path and all over the place!

A little petting zoo--They had 15 baby goats. Lilly was not so sure she wanted to be too close to those goats.

Our favorite exhibit-The river otters! They could swim on all sides of the tunnel and played really close to us. When one of the otters went RIGHT underneath Owen's feet, we jumped and clung to me like a leach for several minutes..a little too close for comfort!

All the kids got soaked from head to toe playing in the water! Perfect for a hot summer day!

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