Monday, January 3, 2011

Coincidence?, I have to admit the task of potty training is daunting to me. But Owen has been showing signs of being ready to train and I want to get him out of diapers sooner than later. Changing an infants diaper is a wake up call to how disgusting a toddler's diaper can be.
So, after some inspiring conversation with a friend this weekend on the subject, I decided to take a stab at it this morning. Todays results.... 2 pee pee accidents in his big boy undies, 2 times peeing in the froggy potty, and 1 time in going pee pee big potty! Not too bad for the first day!
Can I tell you about the "big potty" incident?
Well, I was in the bathroom putting on some make up this afternoon and Owen came in wanting to lift the toilet lid and put his "potty seat adapter" on it. He has been enjoying sitting there occasionally and I figured it was just another occurence of enjoying the novelty. The timing wasn't the greatest because we were just about to leave and I'd just gotten him all ready to go and Lilly was crying in the other room...but not wanting to nulify my efforts in training earlier in the morning, I indulged his request and put him on the potty. I told him I needed to go get Lilly, so he needed to stay there for a little bit. I went to the other room to fetch my crying baby and came back to check on Owen. As I walked in the door, I look up at me with a proud grin clapping his hands and saying "yaayyy!" Sure enough, he went!
...We will be hitting potty training bootcamp again tomorrow morning for a few hours.

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