Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Months Already?!

I seriously can't believe how FAST time is going! It seems like Lilly was just born yesterday, but yet I can't imagine life without her now. She is a dream! She's such a sweet baby!

She is in the 90th percentile for her height and weight--so her good eating habits are paying off!
She weighed 12 lbs 5 oz and was 23.5 inches long at her dr. appt. this past week. She is smiling and cooing like crazy. She is starting to recognize when mommy isn't RIGHT there and will go back to smiling when mommy is back in view again. She loves to watch her mobile while swinging away in her swing. I think she's made the connection that if she kicks her feet, the toys on her bouncy seat will move.

She is a content and happy girl--we are lucky, actually I should say blessed parents!

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