Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Action...

Lilly has been becoming more alert this week. She is staying awake more, enjoying looking around, excercising her arms and legs, and starting to experiment with her little voice.

Owen is never ending energy. He leaves a trail wherever he goes. He also loves to be my little helper. Whatever mommy is doing, he wants to do too. This morning while he was eating breakfast, I started unwrapping caramels to make some turtles. All of a sudden, eating oatmeal lost its appeal. As soon as he was finished, Owen hopped up on my chair to help mommy with her task. At first he just wanted to eat them, but then he got the hang of it quite well. He probably ended up unwrapping almost half the bag for me.

Yesterday at lunch, Jimmy spotted a cardinal out our kitchen window. Owen watched and watched it until it flew away. When the bird flew away, Owen turned around at asked for "more."

Oh, and by the way, I've graduated....

from "mama" to "mommee."

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