Saturday, February 20, 2010


Owen is tuckered out today. He has been sleeping like crazy! This morning he got up at 7:45 (usual time), went down for his nap at 9:45, slept until 12:30 (normally he would wake up before noon), went down for another nap at 3:00 and is still sleeping....wonder how much longer he will sleep??
Mama was able to get lots of things on the "to do" list completed as a result: the house cleaned (check), taxes filed (check), a few other little "house managing" things (check, check, check), and a dessert made for dinner tonight. (mmmm...check) :)

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and then there were three... said...

I'm not going to lie. I'm slightly jealous that Owen sleeps until 7:45, Lucky Duck. He sure looks cute snoozin'. It feels so good to get stuff done without having a little one to keep track of. Plus extra sleep is usually accompanied with an extra happy baby. Enjoy!