Friday, February 26, 2010

first tooth

So, after almost 10 months of saying "I think he's getting a tooth"--it's here! And just let me say, it's been a ROUGH couple days. The weird part is which tooth it is: the top tooth, first one to the left of where his two front teeth will be. (those two buggers are just about to poke through too)

Please note a couple observations in this flattering picture--(from top to bottom)
#1 Owen's shiner--he had a little spill in nursery this morning while I was at bible study
#2 My blueberry stained fingernail--we just got finished having a late lunch/early supper because nothing sounded good to the poor guy earlier today, and of course
#3 Owen's pearly white in all it's glory!

(He was quite cooperative in letting me take his picture--a full tummy makes for a happy baby.)

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