Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trimming the tree

This year getting the tree up was a bit of a process.  Daddy and Lilly went and picked out the tree while the rest of us worked on crafting Christmas presents.  Then the rest of the evening was spent trying to get the awkwardly shaped (and as a result, super unbalanced) tree to stand upright.  We tried a bundle of things and ended up with a combination of bungee cords and rope tied to a door knob.  We always do things the most conventional ways around here, ya know.  It's for the safety of our babies.

Lilly and Owen helped me decorate the tree once everything was fast and secure.  (Everett took a nap. Gibby and Daddy did some outside work.)  

So, if you are in our home this Christmas season, you will have the pleasure of seeing our ugly tree made beautiful--just as we are all because of God's Greatest Gift. 

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