Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can we build a ______?

We get asked this question multiple times a day.  The plea to build some kind of structure in the house. A barn? A house? A tent? A garage? Sometimes I think I might have run out of ideas of how to design it. 
Here's how it usually goes down.
O: Mom, can we build a ______?
Me or Jimmy: Sure, how should we make it?
O: With the cushions.
Me or Jimmy: How about we use .....? (we usually try to steer him away from the couch cushion idea because we like to be able to sit on the furniture at some point before bed time.)
Then we build some type of structure together. And by together I mean, Jimmy or I do the building and Owen and Lilly squeal and skip around with excitement. 
Once it's built, they fill the space with a random array of toys and play in it.
This particular one was a favorite of the kids.

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