Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tractor Drive

Saturday. A perfect day for a tractor drive.  A local tractor club was having a tractor drive that we thought would be fun for Papa to take Owen on.  But we found out the drive was a whole day event--27 miles, in fact.  = TOO long for a 3 year old to be sitting in one spot, even it if is on a tractor.  The good news was the tractors were going to be stopping for lunch about 2 miles from our house = the PERFECT distance for us!

So, Papa and Owen hopped on one tractor and Jimmy on another and headed out to meet up with the tractors. (with Lilly, Gibson, and I following in the van)

And they're off.

Here's our line up...

When we arrived at the designated lunch spot, (which was a BEAUTIFUL wooded area at the bottom of a hill, overlooking the river) no one was there.  We were a little worried we had missed all the tractors.  But it couldn't have worked out better.  We sat down and started eating our picnic lunch while we waited for the tractors to arrive.

Before long, we started to hear a distant "putt-putt" sound approaching.  Then we watched at 50 tractors paraded around the bend and down the hill to the picnic area. Check out Owen's face as they started coming down the hill.

Watching all the tractors park

 Look at all those tractors

 Here's a few of the kids "playing" on the tractors.

 And everyone is all loaded and ready to head home.  Lilly Lou even joined in for the ride home. She went from terrified of the tractors to loving them today.

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