Saturday, April 28, 2012

We have a THREE year old on our hands!

We hosted a dinosaur themed birthday party for Owen this year.  We had 14 of his kid-friends plus their families, and his grandparents come to help celebrate. We had games, lunch, more games, cake, and presents.  I think fun was had by all!

Here they are digging for dinosaurs in a tub full of sand. (The weather didn't cooperate to let us be outside, so we improvised :) )

We played dino-toss (bean bag toss into "volcanoes")

We broke open dinosaur eggs.

Here's Owen soaking up everyone singing "Happy Birthday!"

Enjoying his cupcake!

Opening presents

Playing with one of his birthday toys...Lilly is wearing one of the dinosaur tails--She loves running around and roaring like a dinosaur--so cute!  (Everyone was able to take home one of the tails, too.)
 Owen driving Lilly around in his gift from Mommy and Daddy after the party--A motorized police car, as Owen says "go-peece car".  He was pretty excited about it--I forsee lots of fun this summer in it!

Happy Birthday, Owen!  We are blessed beyond measure by the joy your life brings us!

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