Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ear Tubes

Owen was a good little patient today (6/9). We all had a good experience. Everyone--the nurses, the doctor, the anesthesiologist,--everyone was so good with our little guy. They made him feel welcome with his very own Elmo balloon as soon as he walked in the room. Everyone was so very friendly and engaged Owen in conversation. He left to go to surgery via a wagon ride--which if you know anything about Owen--THAT is also right up his alley!

He came back just a short time later...groggy and waking up...but doing well. He ate a popsicle and drank some juice right away. Within a short amount of time he was ready to go. He rode out in the wagon and headed on his way.

As Owen put it: "Ear hurt, all gone."

Thank you, Dr. Harmon.

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