Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harmonica Tunes

The neighbor boy, Matthew, came over this afternoon and found Jimmy's harmonica in our desk drawer. Owen was enthralled by the musical instrument. Matthew tried and tried and tried to get Owen to blow into it so he could make music, too. Much to Matthew's disappointment, all Owen would do was BITE the silly thing.

Fast forward to the evening just before bedtime.

We'd just got home from town from getting a few things for our "new upstairs bedroom" and Owen went straight for the desk drawer to get the harmonica. I gave it to him to keep him occupied for a litte bit until Jimmy was done testing the smoke alarms. Well, "occupied" was an understatement. Owen discovered how to play the harmonica and was busy making music for over a half hour. At one point Barkley even expressed his amusement in a little call and response game.

We've got to get this boy his own musical instruments to play with! He LOVES listening to and making music!

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Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

This is SO CUTE! It just made my day :)