Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Fun

Another little story:
The other evening, I had just gotten Owen's p.j.'s on him and it was nearing bedtime when Owen brought me his sandals.

I said: "Thank you" and proceeded to take them to his room to put them away.
Owen's responsed: Tears of frustration that Mommy didn't understand and reaching desperately for his sandals.
I said: "Oh, you want them back....were you just showing me your shoes, not giving them to me?"
Owen: Quickly took back his shoes. He toddled over to the door and held his shoes up to the door and looked at me with his big round blue saucers of eyes.
I said: "Ohhhhh, you want Mommy to put your shoes on so you can go outside!"
So I sat down and invited Owen to sit on my lap to put his shoes on. How could I resist that little guy's efforts in asking to go outside, even if it was just about bedtime??

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